Recent Change in Algorithms?

In making today’s top page of The Wall Street Journal, Google announced their new change in the way they will be displaying local searches. Before, you would see the Local Business Center “7 Pack” as a small little listing just below the sponsored links.

Now, when you search locally, by zip code, or by area, you will find that Google has simplified local searches. With over 14.6 billion searches being made per month, 46% of them consisting of local searches, it’s no wonder why they made this change.

What does this mean to local searches? Well, since 50 million places have already been added, Google Places isĀ  just a faster way to encounter new local hot spots around any given local. This type of “cluster search” introduces Google’s new Algorithm to dynamically link millions of websites with pre-existing locations programmed in give users the ability to deal more locally.

The new change represents Google’s ability to distinguish a location by not only by different spellings and acronyms, but by specific geographic location.
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